Shipment Terms & Conditions

  • Goods not paid in full may not leave the UK, please contact the agent
  • Payment is always in advance whether paid in Kenya or UK
  • Quoted delivery times are estimate and may vary
  • Consignor declares that the consignment is free of any dangerous or hazardous goods as defined by regulatory bodies and by legislation
  • Goods not picked within 7 days of offloading may be disposed off or charged storage
    Insufficiently packed goods shipped at owner’s risk and we will not be held responsible
  • Goods would only be presumed missing if not received 2 months from expected-by date
  • Compensation payable for loss or damage is limited to the repair costs of the item damaged or, if lost or damaged beyond repair, the replacement costs taking account of depreciation
  • BUT compensation shall NOT in any circumstances exceed £150 per shipment (tracking code)
  • Any claims for insured goods would have to be supported by original purchase receipts
  • These conditions are governed by English laws and any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts